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3D color

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3D color printing

What if the models and prototypes that we offer could be printed in colour straight away ?

Well now they can !

Thanks to our 3D colour printer ZPrinter we are able to produce colour models using technology similar to that used to print text.

The ZPrinter converts all colours from the RGB palette used on PCs (or MACs) into a Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colour value for printing.

Our printer uses up to 90% of the colours in the Adobe® Photoshop palette and we can also print any combination of colours on an object.

Since the .STL file format does not indicate the colour, various other file formats are accepted : .3DS, .WRL (VRML), .PLY, .ZPR and others which support colour information.

If you would like us to, we can also add colour or coloured textures to your 3D files.


- Direct colour printing
- Low production costs
- Short production times


With the 3D colour printing process, objects can be printed in 3D in colour. This technology is very similar to that used by paper printers. A print head projects a colour binder into the mineral powder bath. This way, each layer is created straight into colour.


3D PRINTING COLOR - Moteur à explosion 3D PRINTING COLOR - Chaussure 3D PRINTING COLOR - Dinosaure 3D PRINTING COLOR - Sonic 3D PRINTING COLOR - Jouet