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Architectured Materials

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We are using Engine for AM de Betatype, a CAD/CAM solution based on a set of intern tools to design, integrate and produce complex geometry (lattice structure) with additive manufacturing.

Engine’s three main features are :

• Simplifying the representation of complex geometries.
• The implementation of Architectured materials onto volumetric designs.
• We can directly create the “slice” file to our SLM machines without using a STL file.

Engine has been developed to make the task of designing complex geometry easier for the designer by removing the need to create a solid mesh. By using an abstracted representation, the complexity and file size of CAD data is reduced and more manage- able.

We have produced this piece in Aluminium with a SLM 280 machine. It is composed of 2 million elements ! Without Engine, we would not be able to generate a fabrication file !


• To allow the creation of Architectured Materials with innovating mechanical characteristics.
• To allow the conception of complex geometries and conserving a minimal size file.
• To reach the maximal resolution of our additive layer manufacturing machine.
• To reduce the time and step number of transition between conception and production.
• To produce complex structures quickly and precisely with optimised exposition strategies.