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Silicone moulding & RIM moulding

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You are short of time ; you want to sign off a design, an application with "real material" close injection plastic parts. We can offer you our vacuum casting and RIM moulding services.
Vacuum casting : Using a master model created through 3D printing (usually from stereolithography parts), we create a silicone tool in which we pour parts in polyurethane resin. A perfect reproduction of the original, this technique enables us to obtain supple parts (40 to 80 shore A), rigid parts (50 to 90 shore D) transparent parts or parts that can withstand high temperatures - all in a very short time (eight days).
RIM moulding (Reaction Injection Moulding) : Starting with a resin mould produced either in machining or from a 3D printed master model (stereolithography and stratification to obtain the mould), we produce short run parts through low pressure injection. We are able to produce between 150 and 500 parts this way
Depending on the choice of resin, the parts may include mechanical characteristics such as : rubber, ABS, loaded ABS, PC, PE, PP, PA6-6, loaded PA 66 and PMMA. The parts can be mass-coloured (Ral, Pantone) for a finish even closer to the series run.
We can also offer RIM moulding for small-run aircraft parts which meet the V0 FAR 25 flammability certification.


- "Right materials" prototypes (plastic close injection)
- Cost and time frame for a close injection quantity
- High level of finishing (aspect and details etc.)


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Certification RIM 610
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PX 212
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RIM 610


Art toy By Sandeep Bhambra Planche de bord MOULAGE SILICONE Machine de moulage silicone Baby DS