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Article 1 : Ordering
Production will only begin once an order has been received.
We do agree to begin production upon reception of a quote provided by us being returned with the hand-written comment "signed and agreed", but a confirming order must follow in the post.

Article 2 : Delivery
Delivery is made via parcel service, using the means most appropriate to the deadline. The customer will be charged for post and packaging.
Upon delivery, the client must check the item corresponds to the documents provided and the work carried out as soon as possible and, if necessary, submit a legitimate claim to us within 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in all claims being refused ; the work delivered along with the documents will be presumed to comply with the order placed by the client.
Our merchandise is checked as it leaves our premises. You are responsible for checking it upon delivery.
Any received parcel that has deteriorated through your own fault should be the subject of a "written" caveat from the transporter.
Delivery should take place within 24 hours of the item leaving our premises.

Article 3 : Liability
The documents supplied to our representatives are presumed not to be the sole copies.
In the event the item does not conform or in the event of a dispute, should the claim be accepted, our liability is solely restricted to the straightforward replacement of the part accepted as defective.

Article 5 : Payment
Failure to accept a bill of exchange or a payment deadline of any kind or the full or partial cessation of activity will lead, at our discretion, ipso jure, and without prior formal notice, to the annulment of the contract and as a result all sums, even those that are not yet payable, will become due.
All products we manufacture are subject to a retention of title clause. They thus remain our property entirely until they have been fully paid for.
Failure to pay for products by the day following the payment deadline as given on the invoice will, in accordance with Article L.441-6 of the Business Code, result in late payment penalties and a surcharge for the cost of recovering sums legally due. Interest will be calculated in accordance with the legal rate applicable and the surcharge is €40.
All our invoices are payable within 45 days of the end of the month the invoice is sent out.
There are no discounts for early payment.

Article 6 : Additive manufacturing, Moulds and Tooling
It is not advised to have geometric details under 0.8 mm for parts produced by Fused Deposition Modeling or by Selective Laser Sintering.
Regarding Stereolithography and Selective Laser Melting processes, we advise to have geometric details above 0.5 mm.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the CAD file is compatible with the additive manufacturing processes.
Silicone moulds are the property of the client on condition that they have paid for them, but are only stored for one year after the date of the order. Beyond this date, if the mould is no longer fit to produce parts, silicone moulds will be destroyed unless the client has issued instructions to the contrary.
Injection tools and RIM moulds are the property of the client on condition that they have paid for them. These tools are stored for five years as long as they are still fit to produce parts. Beyond this date they will be destroyed unless the client has issued instructions to the contrary.

Article 7 : Sub-contractor
The supplier sub-contractor is committed to :

  • inform Erpro & Sprint of the non-conformity of the products,
  • obtain Erpro & Sprint’s approval for decisions about non-conformities,
  • inform Erpro & Sprint of the modifications applied to the product, processes, suppliers and installations and to obtain Erpro & Sprint’s approval before any change,
  • inform Erpro & Sprint in case of sub-contraction of an order assigned to the supplier,
  • apply Erpro & Sprint demands on all the supply chain,
  • store the records related to the order.

Erpro et Sprint has the right to access the facility, at every level of the supply chain and a every record, relative to the order.

Article 8 : Disputes
Additionally, we reserve the right to withhold items produced but not yet delivered, or to go ahead with the completion ipso jure of contracts and/or orders under way without delivery in the event of the suspension of payments, filing for bankruptcy, legal proceedings, provisional suspension of proceedings and liquidation of goods resulting from amicable or legal proceedings.
Any disputes, or whatever kind or for whatever reason, will be heard by the Pontoise Commercial Court.